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About Us

Largo Town Center Association is a collective focused on innovation, cultivation, and inclusivity to serve our community and ensure Largo is the ideal place to live, work, and play.

Largo Town Center Association was established on January  8, 1990.  The organization was founded for the sole purpose of maintaining the common areas to include the boardwalk, bridge, tennis courts, walking paths and portions of storm drainage system between the surrounding properties whose water runs off into the lake. These properties are considered “members” of the LTCA in which dues are collected from each member who in turn collects from the residents with the exception of commercial properties.   The fees collected are used for common area expenses. For 30 years, LTCA has supported the community by maintaining the common areas to provide an ideal place for the community to Live, Work and Play.  The lake and surrounding amenities has been one of the most recognizable attractions for new residents and businesses in the community and developers seeking to capitalize from buyers who value having access to a nearby lake.

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